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The modern world is awash with communication across many different platforms, whether is a text about PPI or the car crash we were never involved in, to the automated phone call from a computer or the spam emails about the latest get rich quick scheme, the noise in everyday life is more than it has ever been. This is added to the fact that there are most likely more recruiters than ever before and that everyone’s details are on every database, all be being targeted.

Whether you are recruiter or resourcer, if you have done your research and found your perfect person, getting your message through the spam and opened is key to making a placement.

When writing our emails, InMails or any other type of message, getting it right is key.

A few things to think about

  • Most messages are now read on mobile devices, so keep it short, less than 500 words ideally
  • Ensure the subject line is relevant, catchy and if possible, personable
  • Open strong and to the point, ie why you contacting them
  • Explain what you have to offer, although not that specific that they will say no
  • Finish with a clear call to action

An Example I use is;.


This message is concise, personal and has a clear call to action. If you were to do a really targeted search then I would recommend that you make it more personal and talk about things such as where it looks like their career is going, close to where they live, new technology or industry sector to improve response rates.

A few points to remember when messaging someone

  • You shouldn’t be looking for the person to say yes from the first email
  • Expect to have a few emails, calls before you agree next steps forward as you will need to understand the someone’s current situation
  • Without knowing what they are looking for, ask yourself how can your ‘opportunity’ help them?

I would like to thank Jonny Campbell and the team at Social talent, as they have given me a lot of the ideas behind improving messaging capability.



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