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LinkedIn Xray Market Mapping – Geographically


I have been mapping a new market recently and have been thinking about the best way to do this. Looking at technologies by geography is very helpful. This presented a challenge in that my old method of technology searching by LinkedIn only showed where they lived and not where the company was located.

Have looked at a few company pages I thought you could Google Xray search LinkedIn Companies to find their locations. Here is how;

If you search the following in Google

And add the following to the end of the search, you can find all companies with a certain tech or in a location software

This finds companies with software on their business page software nr1

Software with NR1 on their page (IE located in NR1) software Cambridge 11-50

Software with Cambridge and company size 11-50

Note company sizes as listed by LinkedIn are (so you have to use these in your search exactly)

10,000+ software Cambridge (11-50 OR 51-200)

Same as above although either 11-50 or 51-200 sized companies

Google just text searches the company pages on LinkedIn and returns the results, so you can search whatever you want.

If you want to be alerted to any new companies that come up in the search, try Google Alerts


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This entry was posted on March 6, 2016 by in Market Mapping.


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